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WHO are you in between one work week and another?

WHERE do you want to be by the time the sun goes down on Friday?

WHAT exactly are you working for?

WHEN did you get these stains on your pants?

WHY can’t you remember?

Do you have an idea for issue two that could answer any of the above questions? Or, for that matter, answer different questions? Or raise entirely new questions? Then you should submit an idea for issue two of Beyond Sunset, "Weekend", publishing in winter 2022.

Nobody does the weekend better than Southern Californians, whether their ambition is to travel out of the city or to explore a new neighborhood. Weekends in SoCal feel like a celebration of our free time and the freedom offered by perfect weather. But we all have a different idea for how to enjoy that freedom. What’s yours? We’re looking for both the real and the surreal: We want stories with a unique perspective that are rooted in Southern California’s locales and cultures.

Submissions should be

  • inspired by and ideally also set in Southern California, between 6 – 8 pages is the ideal length
  • a mix of the real and the surreal: genres of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, noir, romance, or autobiographical
  • by both established and emerging talent
  • created by those who represent the breadth of cultures from SoCal and those with ties to Los Angeles or the greater Southern California region

Submissions are due by Monday, November 22.

We are only accepting pitch submissions, and not finished work. Accepted pitches will be commissioned.

We want a wide variety of creators who reflect SoCal’s diverse communities. We want new and established talent, and most importantly we want people with a passion for where they live.

And yes, all of SoCal is our domain. Anywhere from Ventura to San Diego, Long Beach to Joshua Tree. The beach, the desert, the mountains, the suburbs. Everywhere is fair game. Contributing creative teams will be paid a page rate for accepted work.

And please, have a nice weekend.

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