Jack Foster

Jack Foster, “Last Angeles”

Jack Foster is a writer and artist and the creator of the comic book GUN.  “I grew up along the East Coast but I always felt like a letter sent to the wrong address. I came out to LA on a lark, I stayed with a friend to see if I might like it out here since I like movies and hate rain and it was love at first sight. Driving La Cienega back to the airport I cried– tears!  I just knew I was supposed to live here. Every story about love at first sight ultimately becomes a referendum on whether love at first sight is real and all I can say is whenever I catch a flight back home to LA I’m so excited to so it again.”

Twitter: @TheVillainist  | Website:

Danny Djeljosevic, “East Coast Smoker” (words and letters)

Danny Djeljosevic is a writer and letterer whose comics include Big Fucking Hammer (with Diana Naneva), BattleArc 2088 (with Brett Marcus Cook), and Survivant (with Jhomar Soriano and Mark Dale). Originally from South Florida, he moved to San Diego in 2008 without visiting first.



Brett Marcus Cook

Brett Marcus Cook, “East Coast Smoker” (art)

Nonbinary artist from southwest Virginia. Creator of Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk and Other Sleep. Kaiju fanatic.


Kris Ruiz

Kris Ruiz, “Sunlight”

Kris Ruiz is a non-binary trans masc mexican-american, who lives in North Santa Barbara County. He is the creator of Apple Blossom, a LGBTQ+ fantasy romance webcomic that can be found on both Tapas and Webtoons.



Elizabeth Brei

Elizabeth Brei, “The Oxygen Between” (words)

Elizabeth Brei is an editor and writer of comic books. She grew up in the cornfields of small town Illinois before moving to San Diego, where she spends a lot of time getting sunburned, drinking beer, and not going to the beach.


@snackugaki, “The Oxygen Between” (art)

A reticulated tablet gerbil born and raised in San Diego, here to draw a few stories, read a few stories, and eat carne asada fries.

Raymond Estrada,

Raymond Estrada, “She Had a Bat”

Professional comic book illustrator living in Los Angeles. Red 5 Comics The Box, Cult Heroes, Razorblades, Shotgun Full of Roses.

Hadley Meares

Hadley Meares, “New Beginnings through Old-Time Religion”

A historical journalist based in Los Angeles, Hadley’s work has appeared in outlets including Vanity Fair, the Hollywood Reporter, History, Biography, Aeon, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Curbed L.A., LAist, and Atlas Obscura. She is also a historical tour guide in Los Angeles and hosts the podcast Underbelly L.A.

Twitter: @hadleymeares


Lane Lloyd, “Wurb”

Lane Lloyd, “Wurb”

Lane is a queer, non-binary artist with a weird, energetic style. Wurb is about feeling like an unwanted monster, only to find that there is always love and community if you look for it.

Twitter handle is @llanelloyd

For business inquiries email

Meghan Lands, “Space”

Meghan Lands, “Space”

Meghan Lands moved from Montreal to Los Angeles in January, 2020. Everything has been extremely normal ever since.

Caleb Goellner

Caleb Goellner, “From The Bay to LA”

Caleb is an Eisner Award-winning writer, plus Webby and Telly Award-winning content marketing professional. He lives in The Valley with his wife and two pugs.

Mister Loki

Mister Loki, “Dissonance”

Loki is a queer comic artist, science illustrator and pediatric bone marrow transplant nurse living in Los Angeles, CA. Having lived here for 12 years, he has come to treasure all of Los Angeles’ secret hideaways, that only the curious and sometimes the brave, can find.


Patrick Horvath

Patrick Horvath, “New ‘Do, New You”

Patrick Horvath is a filmmaker / illustrator based in Los Angeles, California, USA, where he’s been baking under the sun for the past decade and a half.


Jordan Eric Mitchell

Jordan Eric Mitchell, “California Dreamin’ (Day/Night)”

Bio: Illustrator, artist for animation and a proud lover of In N Out and tacos.


IG: Indiedynamo


Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell, “What We Do Is Secret”

Ben Mitchell is an illustrator and comic artist from beautiful Newcastle, Australia’s east coast equivalent of Santa Monica. Ben has award-winning published comic work in fiction and non-fiction, and works commercially as an illustrator in entertainment, skincare, hospitality, fashion and agriculture. He’s a cool guy.


Sarah Wickham

Say Wickham, “Fresh Start”

A rare born and bred Angeleno, Say Wickham probably didn’t get good sleep last night. Catch them on IG @saywickham.

Vincent Kings

Vincent Kings, “Flight of the Star Whales”

Vincent Kings is a SoCal native, and published his first graphic novel this year – This Is Where We Fall written by Chris Miskiewicz with a soundtrack by Mitski. He is currently working on his follow-up book and petting his dog Abby in his spare time.


IG: vincent.kings

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