Strange tales of Southern California…

We like to think of Los Angeles as a city with boundless creative potential and a near-infinite stock of creators who, if only assembled in the proper combination, could produce the next story that everyone in the world will want to hear. The 2020 pandemic made many forms of collaboration harder, if not impossible. But a team of people working to make comics bound around a certain theme? That could work.

We named this publication Beyond Sunset because we wanted to show off the parts of the Southland that beyond the ones you’ve seen in most stories set here. We asked our creators to tell us stories about the parts of the greater Los Angeles area that they live in, with bonus points for those that showcase the corners only they know, that you can’t experience without them playing chaperone. They got to decide how the story would be told and what genres they’d pull together to do it, because even the most fantastical tale can still tell you a great deal about the real-life place where it was written.

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Copyright ©Beyond Sunset | Art by Say Wickham – “Fresh Start”

Drew Mackie
Drew Mackieeditor-in-chief
A stay-at-home journalist and mustache-grower, Drew lives in Los Angeles with his ear-wisp’d dog, Thurman. His podcasting company, TABLECAKES PRODUCTIONS, curates diverse voices, stories and reporting from around SoCal.
Josh Trujillo
Josh Trujilloeditor
Josh is a writer, editor, and worrier based in Los Angeles. He has written all sorts of comics, and edited the DEATH SAVES and LOVES MACHINES anthologies.
Glen Lakin
Glen Lakincreative director
Glen is a writer for tv/film/other trapped in L.A.. He has probably given notes on something you love. He occasionally draws hunky dudes or LEGO wizards.